How to convert a bitmap (png, jpeg) to vector (svg) graphic on any operating system (mac, windows) quickly, easily, and for free

Steve Condylios
2 min readMar 14, 2022


So you want to convert a bitmap image (perhaps a png or jpeg) into a vector graphic (e.g. an svg), you’ve clicked on a half dozen conversion websites, downloaded a bunch of applications full of promise, but you still haven’t gotten your elusive svg file. I feel your pain.

Here’s a way to convert a bitmap to vector graphic that is simple, easy, free and best of all, you’ll be done in 30 seconds.

  1. Visit
  2. Go to the top left of screen, click: File -> Open -> Select your png/jpeg file
  3. On the top left of screen, select: Image -> Vectorize Bitmap
Photopea’s ‘Vectorize Bitmap’ feature will let you download your svg file for free.

4. You’ll see 2 images on screen, the first is your png/jpeg; the second image is the vector graphic version.

5. Toggle the settings on the top left of screen until you’re happy that the second image looks good.

For simple designs, try a low number of colours. For colourful designs, or those with gradients, increase the number of colours until you’re happy with the output.

Hint: I usually select the minimal number of colours required (I’ll start with 2 and go up until the image looks good), and ‘cartoon’ setting.

6. When your vector graphic is looking good, click the little ‘OK’ button (see above).

7. To download your vector graphic, click on the Download SVG button:

8. You’re done! The svg file will download and will be ready to use.

Video demonstration

For a quick video demonstration of the above, see: