Monitor the Performance of your Heroku Rails App with New Relic

Install the New Relic Heroku addon

heroku addons:create newrelic:wayne

Here we use the free plan, wayne. Other plans are shown here. Careful, some of the larger plans aren’t cheap!

Install the New Relic agent

gem 'newrelic_rpm'

Commit your changes and push to production.

Configure the New Relic agent

heroku config:set NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME='Your Application Name'

Generate Traffic and View Application Performance

Now visit the Heroku dashboard, select your application, and under the ‘Overview’ tab, look for the New Relic APM link:

The New Relic APM link is found in the ‘Overview’ tab on your Heroku dashboard

You’ll be taken to the New Relic home screen. From here, simply click on the application you named in a previous step, and you’ll be taken through to your app’s dashboard:

You can view throughput, transactions time, error rates, the top 5 slowest transactions, and many more useful and detailed metrics, including response times, CPU utilization, and memory usage on a per process basis — extremely useful for gaining visibility of how your Heroku app is consuming these resources.

Congratulations, you’re now able to monitor the performance of your ruby on rails application with ease!



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